Free Financial Helpline

Would you like to speak to a financial coach about your personal financial situation? Do you need assistance but can’t currently afford coaching?

Email WINGS Financial Helpline and request a confidential call with a financial coach. Women can call for guidance on a wide range of personal finance topics.

How it Works:

  • Email us with the following information at

    • Your name, email and phone number

    • Times available for us to contact you (During business hours)

    • Summary of what you would like to discuss

  • We will connect you with our volunteer financial coach

Once your question is submitted, our volunteer financial coach will respond within 72 hours.

The purpose of the free, personal and confidential call is to answer your question and is limited to one 30 minute phone call.

*Financial coach will not promote products and services

All personal financial advice and assistance provided by the financial coach is provided solely by the individual financial coach. By accepting assistance, you acknowledge and agree that WINGS officers, board and staff assume no responsibility or liability for the accuracy or appropriateness of any advice or assistance provided by the financial coach. You acknowledge that you must make an independent judgement regarding a particular financial coach’s qualifications and suitability for your individual needs and circumstances. The responsibility for financial decisions are your own and you understand that you are under no obligation to follow any recommendations or suggestions provided by the financial coach. The financial coach will comply with all regulatory, professional and ethical obligations imposed by the Securities and Exchange Commission.