"I went to the divorce workshop right after we filed for divorce and was so scared that I was going to make a detrimental decision regarding the divorce paperwork. I was overwhelmed walking in and was able to ask an attorney specific questions pertaining to my case, without spending $400! I left feeling calm and capable, and empowered to make the right decisions for me! I used the advice I got from the mediator, the attorney, the financial advisor, and the therapist and got through the process feeling like both my ex and I treated each other fairly. That $35 saved me thousands of dollars and a lot of sleepless nights! I would highly recommend everyone empower themselves with the knowledge the workshop provides!"

- Lisa

"Nadia was instrumental in the execution of finding out what exactly I needed.  This then created a concise and cost savings outcome. With her guidance, she demonstrates empathy and competence. She also is devoted to creating greater financial awareness in women which thus allows for overall empowerment. I was glad to find her."

- LJ

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