Front Range Divorce Center provides Family Law Attorneys, their Clients, and Pro Se individuals with the most effective method of QDRO preparation in the industry.

 Our services include: obtaining information to draft the QDRO, pre-approval of draft by parties and Plan Administrator.

The QDRO process begins with completion of our: Parties Information Questionnaire, a copy of the Divorce Decree or Separation Agreement, the Summary Plan Description of the Retirement Plan (if available) and Plan statement (if available).  If needed, we will contact the Plan to obtain any additional information.

We are more convenient for clients than a traditional law office because our services can be utilized without the need for any in-office visits.  All information can be collected from the parties electronically, via regular mail, or by fax. All correspondence can occur through e-mail, if desired.  The use of technology allows us to keep our costs down and to offer the best prices and service to our clients.

We put each Order into a court accepted format and ensure that the QDRO has been pre- approved by the retirement plan administrator (whenever pre-approval is possible). We give our clients peace of mind that their QDRO will be accepted both by the retirement plan and the court. 

If you have questions at any step along the way, you can speak to us by calling 303-210-2607 or send an email to info@frdivorcecenter.org

 What is a QDRO?

The term qualified domestic relations order refers to a judgment, decree, or order that creates or recognizes the existence of an alternate payee's right to receive all or a portion of a plan participant's benefits payable under an ERISA-qualified employee benefit plan. A QDRO must further meet a set of specified criteria summarized in Code Section 414(p). QDROs are particularly common in the area of divorce and are used as a means to break through the provisions required in all ERISA benefit plans which prohibit a benefit plan from distributing a participant's benefits to anyone other than the participant himself. With a properly drafted QDRO, a former spouse of a plan participant can be eligible to receive all or a portion of such participant's accrued pension or profit sharing plan benefits.

All Plan Types Covered

QDROs are very unique depending upon the plan type and plan requirements. We deliver the correct type of QDRO you need to achieve the settlement you have reached.

All QDROS Are $375 (flat fee)

- Defined Benefit Plans
- Defined Contribution Plans
- State City & Public School Systems
- Federal Government Plans
- Local County & Municipal Plans
- Military Retirement System (MRS)


To start the process:

Please call 303-210-2607 or email us at info@frdivorcecenter.org and we will provide you with the required forms